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Radio Television

Angelina in the World 
of Theatre Illusions 

In recent seasons, director Slobodan Unkovski only begins to direct after he’s assured she would collaborate with him. Tomaz Pandur’s ideas start...

Interview with Angelina Atlagic 
by Borka Trebjesanin 

Every Show is

Like the First 

The fact that this is my fourth premiere in Spain and that I, as a for- eigner, received the ‘Max’ award speaks of their openness, says Angelina Atlagic...

Politika daily
Interview with Angelina Atlagic


There’s no erotic

in nudism 


It’s more beautiful 
and more interesting 
to be more covered 
than not. 

Interview: Angelina Atlagic 


Costume is a sign 
that tells us a story 

Observing people in the street, in a theatre, I try to glean the system of non- verbal signs and messages that each person transmits about themselves...

Danas Daily 


Contemporary pieces offer great opportunity for costume designer’s creation 


The artist of costume, Angelina Atlagic, on the occasion of the ballet Symphony...

Interview by Olivera Milosevic 


Costumes in Medea are inspired by Serbian traditional costume 

Theatre and working in theatre is alike in all European countries. I could say, there is...

Modna Jana 


Quiet in Life, 
Powerful in Art 

Jovan Cirilov an acclaimed Serbian theatrologist and one of the greats of Serbian theatre...

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